Unify Your Accounting Firm

Dime automates core accounting workflows so you can optimize operations, unlock advisory capacity, and strengthen client relationships.

AI-Assisted Workflows

Help your team to do more, in less time

Automated Trial Balance

Instantly generate trial balance, balance sheet, cash flow statements and supporting schedules.

Client Onboarding

Bring on new clients with AI-assisted drafting of proposals, engagement letters and contracts.

Document Data Extraction

Summarize contracts, tax documents and extracts key details and insights in minutes.

Client Portal

Build lasting client relationships

Internal Collaboration like being able to review tranactions and update categories

Branded Experience

Centralize document uploads and messages.

Internal Collaboration

Securely review, flag items, and update categories directly within the client portal.

Project Management

Manage your team, clients and data all in one place

Give your team back time by centralizing task management and project tracking

Team Task Management

Intuitive tools for assigning, tracking and managing tasks across entire firm.

Bill your time with ease

Track every billable task to hourly or per project increments.

Get Paid Faster With Less Effort

Time Tracking

Easy time entry, allocation and reporting integrated across projects.

Automated Invoicing

Flexible recurring invoices with detailed reporting tied directly to accounts receivable.

Secure Online Payments

Clients can pay via credit card and ACH through self-serve client portal.

Business Insights

Reporting and visualization for data-driven business forecasting and planning.

AI Assistant

Get answers to legal questions in real-time

Use our custom AI model trained on the most recent legal and accounting law and peer-reviewed by CPAs.

Draft documents, plan documents, and research best practices.

Reduce errors and improve your decision-making confidence.

Save time and increase your overall productivity.

"We used to spend 30+ hours a month reconciling accounts. Now it takes less than 5 hours thanks to Dime's automated workflows."

Stephen Lam

Founder, Lam CPA

"As a bookkeeping firm owner, I can take on more clients without adding more staff thanks to the process automation."

William Lee

Founder, ProBooks NY

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